Our partners

When you work with money you need to have absolute confidence in your business partners. In order to provide the best quality service to its customers, Quineex Company cooperates only with those who have already proved their professional competence and whose names serve as a guarantee of quality and a serious approach to such a specific business as trading on financial markets.

The MetaQuotes Company is a leader on the trading platform market. That's why Quineex did its best to build the most effective infrastructure using licensed software and technical support from MetaQuotes.


Advanced Markets is an international company and our licensed liquidity provider. Its main office is located in New York. Thanks to Advanced Markets, all trading transactions are sent directly to the world's largest banks.


Stock exchange trading is an art that wouldn't exist without the support of timely news reports. FXStreet Company provides Quineex with quality content from which the latest news and highlights of the most important economic events are generated.


The independent analytical company CLAWS & HORNS SERVICES provides Quineex customers with all the necessary tools for analyzing the most important macroeconomic changes in the world. Their economic calendar makes it easier and quicker to change trading strategy to suit market trends.


The billing service MONETA.RU is a simple and reliable aggregator of payment methods for secure payments across the Internet. MONETA.RU helps Quineex customers to quickly replenish their accounts and withdraw their trading profits.