Work principles

Quineex Company is an expert in the field of brokerage services on financial markets.
We are chosen by those who look for uncompromising high quality of provided services and a
new approach to important aspects of trading. The principles of our work are simple yet effective.


We strive to make cooperation with us comfortable. Fulfilling our obligations to customers is the result of an honest approach to business, therefore all the trading transactions happen with no interference on our part, yet with our constant support.


Our aim is fruitful cooperation with existing customers. For that reason, we don’t use any standard traders’ attraction schemes in our work.
We refused bonus programs, as our interests lie not in the field of receiving funds for registration of a new user, but in the process of working successfully as a team with our customers.


We believe that all complex things can be made user-friendly. Therefore, we reconsidered the standard tools used by traders and made them easier. The economic calendar, display of trader’s quotes and even a personal account where you are able to close a transaction without accessing trading platform — all of these things now work on your side rather than against you. The experience of interacting with our service will prove to you that such small details eventually add up to high quality of service.


Specialized software allows you to track and display detailed information about each transaction. At the same time, both up-to-date and historical data on spreads as well as trade order execution quality statistics are available. Thus, you always have access to information that reflects the actual situation on our trading platform.


Our own experience of trading on financial markets allows us not only to understand the needs of our traders but also set new quality standards in brokerage services with the help of our expert approach.