Why people choose Quineex

Through working with Quineex, you get the usual trader tools in a new format that enables you to make your trading process more effective.


The translation of liquidity from the major world banks to our customers is carried out with no third-party interference in spreads and quotes.

One type of
trading account

On the real market there is no division according to types of accounts. This is the very reason why our customers receive only one type of trading account. Its terms fully correspond to market conditions and imply only market execution of any trade orders on the interbank level.

Variety of
trading strategies

There are no artificial limitations to customer actions on our trading platform, as we intend to create the conditions for successful trading as convenient as possible.

No fees

Absolutely no fees for replenishing or withdrawing of funds.

Honest partner

Becoming our partner means receiving access to a ready-made business on advantageous terms. Our customers have no limits on the volume of their transactions.

In addition, we offer automatic generation of a promo page and referral link for each partner. We provide constant access to up-to-date information on the trading volumes of attracted customers. We provide the possibility of instant withdrawal of the partner’s funds you earned to bank card or account.

Customer Support

We have answers to any questions you might have. In order for you to receive a reply as quickly as possible, we provide you with several ways to communicate with us: you may call the hotline, order a callback or contact an online consultant in the Customer Support chat.

We treat all requests equally: both from our guests
and registered customers. A real consultant, not a robot, will provide an individual solution to each problem.