Partner program

The Quineex Partner program is an easy way to become a part of a successful business and receive remuneration for each customer you attract.

It is easy to become a partner

  • Just register on the website and accept the terms of the Partner agreement that confirm your participation in the program
  • Automatically receive a unique referral link to attract customers
  • Send the link to your potential customers via the Quineex website or email
  • Receive remuneration for being a partner

Our partners are entitled to

  • 20% fee for all the transactions made by attracted customers
  • Payment of partner’s remuneration on the first day of each month
  • Detailed and up-to-date statistics on trading volumes of attracted customers for any period of time
  • Possibility of instant withdrawal

What is a referral link?

This is a unique link assigned to you after you have registered your personal account. It will allow us to identify that new customers came to us as a result of your efforts.

How can you use partner’s remuneration?

On the first day of every month, the partner’s remuneration is transferred to your transit account. After that you may dispose of it as you wish: e.g. by transferring it to a trading account or withdrawing funds immediately.