Working with White Label from Quineex is the most
advantageous way to start your own business

White Label is a profitable opportunity to open a brokerage company with minimum costs and investments. Create your own brand and we will provide you with all the necessary tools to get your business started: a trading platform to perform all trading operations as well as our expertise in website development and personal customer accounts.

What is required from you

  • To come up with a business name, register as a legal entity and open a bank account
  • To create your own corporate style and choose a presentation strategy
  • To define the trading tariffs, types of accounts and other aspects related to the financial side of business

What Quineex does

  • Develops the website and personal account in accordance with your business vision
  • Provides you with liquidity
  • Supports you throughout all the business vision stages


  • There is no requirement to mention White Label on your website
  • Individual terms and conditions are negotiable

Consultation request

If you are interested in our offer but still have some questions with regard to cooperation terms, please leave a request and we will definitely get back to you to agree on a convenient time and place of a meeting, if required.

Convenient time and date to contact you