Trading conditions

An uncompromising business approach involves endeavouring to eliminate all that you don’t need and to keep only those tools that make trading process easier, faster and more efficient. We have only one type of trading account with best conditions, which we are able to offer.

Minimum deposit
Account currency
U.S. dollar
Minimum position volume
0.01 lots
Maximum position volume
100 lots
Credit leverage
Maximum cumulated volume
Maximum number of positions
Margin call level
Freeze level
0 points
Execution type
Trading tools
66 Trading tools
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What is the significance of there being no minimum deposit limit?
The minimum amount to replenish your trading account depends solely on the limits resulting from your chosen method of payment. There are no limitations on the broker’s side.
Why is it impossible to choose leverage different from 1:100?
Fixed leverage allows us to offer better trading conditions for our customers—our liquidity providers use the same leverage.
Why don't we have any Instant Execution accounts?
The transfer of trade orders to a liquidity provider involves their execution solely at the actual market price (Market Execution). Instant Execution is an order execution according to the price you see on your trading terminal right now and excludes such a scheme of work.
What is freeze level?
For limit orders, the value of freeze level sets the distance from the current market price, should the order reach it, it «freezes»: it is impossible to change, delete or cancel it. We don’t set any such limitations for our customers.