26 may
Extended Version of Economic Calendar Now Available

By integrating with the Claws & Horns economic data provider, we provide a calendar of macroeconomic data.

The main page of our website displays a shortened version of the economic calendar. There are only 6 of the most important statistical news per day or week. And this is quite enough to understand when it is better to conduct operations in the market, and what tools are best to use.


The website also contains the full version of this economic calendar, statistics for which is provided by Claws & Horns. We tried to make the calendar convenient and fast. For example, you can select the desired countries and time periods, as well as sort the news by degree of importance.


For those indicators that have not yet been published, we provide access to their previous and predicted values. Actual data is available for those indicators that were published.


In addition to accessing the economic calendar, you can save it in a convenient format. To do this, open the print dialog in your browser. For your convenience, the document for printing will not contain page design elements. You will only have the economic calendar itself, which you can either print or save to a PDF file. In addition, the page will not be branded.