29 may
Shares of European companies fell amid uncertainty with Brexit
At the trading on Wednesday, European stocks become cheaper due to uncertainty with the UK's exit from the EU. The value of European companies is also negatively affected by the trade war between the US and China.

The STOXX 600 index of European companies fell by 0.15 % at the end of the trading on Tuesday, 28 May. Shares of banks fell by an average of 1.45 %, and shares of technology companies rose by 1.23 %. The trend persists at the trading on Wednesday.
Market participants watch over the negotiations between the US and China on bilateral trade. The preliminary agreement on lifting sanctions against Huawei may add optimism to the market. But investors fear of the US' new restrictive measures against other technology companies of China.
In Europe, the attention of market participants is focused on the negotiations between the government of Theresa May and the opposition Labour Party. The head of the British government plans to get the Labour Party's support for her plan to exit the country from the EU. Representatives of the Labour Party have not yet confirmed the agreement.
EUR/USD is traded at 1.1151 level on May 29.