27 may
A Hope for Recovery: Investors Are Optimistic About Recovery of Economies

The Japanese stocks are demonstrating excellent results, while the stock futures of Europe and the US are growing. The yuan dropped to the lowest level in the past eight months. The oil is losing its value once again.

The Japanese stocks reached their maximum after the news about the second package of tax and budget incentives. S&P 500 index lost a half of its progress gained on Tuesday in the last thirty minutes of trading after a message was received about the intention of President Trump's administration to introduce sanctions against the Chinese government officials. Today, however, it has regained 0.6%. 

After the unexpected increase of sales of new houses in the US, experts are optimistic and believe that the recovery could prove rather rapid.

Russia intends to reduce the oil production starting from July; due to this, the oil prices are starting to decrease again. West Texas Intermediate lost 0.7%, its price today is $34.10 per barrel. Brent is down by 0.7% to $35.9.

Hong Kong and Shanghai suffered losses, the yuan fell to the lowest point in about eight months, 7.1712 per $1, after the latest Chinese-American bout in connection with the new law. The Ministry of Finance may impose a set of controls on transactions and block the assets of the Chinese government officials and enterprises in order to implement the new law on national security that could limit the rights and freedoms of the citizens of Hong Kong. 

The Japanese yen is stable at 107.54 per $1. The euro is down by 0.2% to $1.0963. The USD/RUB pair is traded at ₽70.783 today.

Despite their optimistic attitude to the forecast, experts are warning to be on the lookout for the second wave of infection.